Costa Concordia Parbuckling

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Project Description

On behalf of Costa Cruises and in collaboration with the Civil Protection Service, Vector gave its contribution to the organization of this great media value event. A close collaboration with the press office of Titan-Micoperi Consortium and with Eurovisione has allowed to supply the needed support to the world wide media gathered for the occasion in the island of Giglio.

The purpose was to reduce the bother of the island to a minimium in preparation for a massive media participation in the parbuckling.

A technical program was developed to implement all the essential services to avoid bearing down on the island’s resources, increasing the power supply with electric generators and reserved wire, giving an appropriate internet connection activating new backbones to offer WiFi coverage in the harbour area. Every journalist got a workspace and an equipped and comfortable room to follow every moment of the delicate rotation.

The objective to guarantee an efficient and effective service to the media 24/7 with the safeguard of environment, of the island and its people is been achieved and it reproduces the Titan-Micoperi Consortium’s motto “Determination and Love”.