The stage set up in Marcello D’Olivo square in Lignano Pineta is an example of temporary architecture that shows how Vector is able to design innovative  temporary structures based on the clients’ needs.

The structure, outcome of the effort of our technical office, has innovative features both structural and architectural.  Placed on the beach front, the stage has been exposed to severe wheater during the summer with 120 km/h winds and strong storms. It has hosted various events during the season.

The biggest quality of this structure is the non-standard use of the multidirectional scaffholding. This construction method forms a single fixed structure that subsumes the covering giving a stiffness able to resist to strong winds.

The stage dimensions are 12×10 mt, 12 mt high, with 6 triangle-base pillars cover with printed pvc cloth. Its colors and shapes integrates themselves with the landscape.

The structure is flexible and it can be used for a variety of shows and events without being modified or without particular maintenance.