October 27th 1917, 3.45 pm, the Devil’s Bridge was set off. 100 years later, the town of Cividale del Friuli commemorates this important historic moment with an high emotional event. 100 bell’s rings, dances, songs, and a theatrical reading by the actor Luca Zingaretti tell the time passed from the bridge destruction. The Devil’s Bridge was transformed reproducing the chams left by the explosion with the ancient painting technique of trompe-l’eoil.

The event’s artistic direction was entrusted to the director Luca Bernardis who has poetically narrated the war atrocities communicating a message suitable to a public of all ages.

Vector has supported the city of Cividale in the organization of this event setting up two stages in Duomo square and Borgo Ponte, audio system, ledwall, video cameras, and electrical generators as power sources.